Client Testimonials

Testimonial: "He made Medicare easy to understand." - Al Baker

Testimonial: "Had my first Medicare claim 6 months after enrollment. I spent 6 days in the hospital and a couple weeks in skilled nursing. He said I was going to get a check and I actually got 2." - M. Howard Muncie, IN

Testimonial: "My mom moved in with us because we thought she didn’t have money for the nursing home. She told me to call Art. After speaking with Mr. Shead, my husband and I were made aware of 2 insurance products purchased by mom that helped tremendously. He even helped us with other assistance mom needed. He’s very knowledgeable." - E. Eyler Terre Haute, IN

Testimonial: "I didn't think we needed anything else, nor did I feel like changing but the information really made us think twice about our Medicare spending. The Hospital Indemnity is like the gift that keeps on giving. Great investment." - Robert S Indianapolis, IN

Testimonial: "When I met Art 4 years ago, I was in a Medicare Supplement spending almost $5000 a year. He convinced me to try this solution and I can admit, at firs,t I thought he was crazy! But then I ended up spending a few days in the hospital in March of 2014. After he settled everything with the hospital and the insurance company, I had $1000 to put in my bank account. I still owe him dinner." - E. Frank Indianapolis, IN